Foundations 1
Foundations 1 is for those who want to learn or revisit basic, classical drawing and painting techniques.  The course will cover building hand skills using various materials such as graphite, charcoal, chalk pastels and watercolor pencils.  From there we move to painting a Still Life in oils, then mixing and layering colors and finally Impressionistic painting techniques. Each session builds on the other, so that knowledge is built gradually, step by step.
Foundations 2
Foundations 2 takes the skills learned in Foundations 1 further, enhancing and reinforcing those basic drawing and painting techniques.  A Drawing Intensive session looks at how to render different materials such as glass and reflective surfaces, A Wayne Thiebaud project looks at more contemporary painting techniques and a Surrealism project encourages students towards new ways of imagining and creating their own work.
Foundations 3
This course follows on from F1 and F2 and goes further into the realm of composition, perspective, and also creating pieces that have more personal elements such as self portraiture in the style of.  In F3 tudents begin to consider some of the conceptual and theoretical aspects of their work.  New painting techniques and materials will be introduced including watercolor, collage, printmaking and working in 3 dimensions.
Visual Explorations
In this course, students will begin to design and research independent projects. Projects will be supplemented by readings and formal critiques.
Concepts in Art
This class is an advanced art class rooted in technical as well as theoretical skills. Students should have good hand-skills in using various mediums and fully understand basic fine art concepts. Research skills and a good understanding of project development and preparation are expected and will be furthered.  Students will conceptualize and shape their own work while gaining better insight into themselves and their process.